Where and when will Hurricane Ian make landfall in Florida?

(CNN Spanish) — Florida is already bracing for Hurricane Ian, which threatens to bring strong winds and dangerous storm surges to the state after passing through Cuba.

There is “greater than usual” uncertainty about Ian’s path and intensity, according to the National Hurricane Center (NHC), which is warning of possible impacts along much of the west coast of Florida.

So far, it is expected to make landfall on the west coast of Cuba around 2:00 PM Tuesday Miami time. After passing through the Caribbean nation, the storm will continue its path to the United States, where operations are already underway to deal with its passage.

Governor Ron DeSantis said at a news conference Sunday that there are two forecast models for Hurricane Ian: one projects it will make landfall in the Tampa Bay region, while another points to northeast Florida (the Panhandle).

(Mandatory evacuations have already been arranged in Tampa and the closure of educational centers has been defined for the following arrivals)

As of Sunday, there was still no consensus among forecasters as to whether landfall in the United States would be on Thursday or Friday. Forecasters do expect it to reach Category 4 in the Gulf of Mexico and weaken before reaching Florida.

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DeSantis activated the National Guard on Sunday and said that while the storm’s path is still uncertain, impacts will be felt widely across the state. Over the weekend, there were also state and federal disaster declarations.

“We’re going to continue to monitor the path of this storm, but it’s really important to highlight the degree of uncertainty that still exists,” the governor said, warning residents that even if the storm weakens before it makes landfall falls, “it will still have significant impact.” “.

Expected impacts include heavy rain and winds, flash floods, storm surges and even isolated tornadoes, according to DeSantis.



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