“When you’ve won once, you can let go of your guard…”

Arsène, winner of the Masters 2020, returns in Do not forget the lyrics. He confides in his goals, just before starting his first match of the 2021 tournament against Denis.

Arsène is obviously one of the Maestros expected at the turn during the 2021 Masters of Do not forget the lyrics. And for good reason: he had won the previous session, last year, against Mickaël. We remember: landed on April 1 on the set, in full confinement (and victim of a hoax), the candidate had quickly amazed viewers, before losing on “a sin of pride”. Will he be able to hold his ground and resist the pressure? Arsène confides before his return in Do not forget the lyrics.

TV-Leisure: how do you approach your second Masters?

Arsene: With as much, if not more seriousness and work than last year. It happened to me on my courses – during the daily, Masters or tournaments – to have a lot of luck. Of course, I worked. But I noticed that in previous years, Masters winners were quickly eliminated from the next competition. Hervé lost in 2019 after winning in 2018. Kevin, who won in 2019, lost in the round of 16 the following year. I expect it to be harder for me. When you’ve won once, you can let go of your guard and lose your niac. I tried to compensate for all that with even more precise and intensive work. I approach them with the idea of ​​keeping my rank and not being eliminated right away.

What is your objective ?

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I set myself to win 40,000 euros. Below, I will be disappointed. I do not have a final positioning objective in the competition. But I will try not to be eliminated in the round of 16.

Your initial route, but also your performances last year, make you a favorite?

I know I’m expected at the turn, because I won the competition last year. The other maestros know I have time to study, and not everyone does. I know I have this chance, I would be wrong not to take advantage of it. Some Maestros have a job, a family to manage. Me, I’m lucky to be in a situation where I have less to deal with. So I can devote a lot of time to all of this. I am a favorite of this fact.

Many candidates dread the test of the “Same song” … Is that your case too?

This is the worst part of the show. 95% of the work we do for the show is revising those “Same Songs”. We do not have the right to make mistakes. You have to know them down to the word. The worst part is the endings of these songs, because you can tend to let your guard down. Since all Maestros revise a lot, we cannot ignore the endings of songs. You have to learn everything to the end, it’s the thankless part of the job. And then there is stress management. When I work, I concentrate so as not to stammer. Because there is nothing more cruel than to lose on a stammer.

We had the feeling last year of a certain letting go, especially in the final …

I let myself go a bit on The phone is crying, but I could have done it very well from my first broadcasts. It is not a matter of gradual relaxation or letting go. This song, I find it funny. I had fun singing it in the car with my mother, we shared our voices. It was a blink of an eye. I think on the contrary that I was concentrated and tense until the end. And it had paid off. Maybe I will feel more myself and relaxed during the 2021 competition.

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You face Denis during your first match, how do you approach it?

Before the competition starts, I absolutely don’t want to know who I’m up against. I’m afraid that will disturb me. I prefer to stay in my bubble. I don’t want to revise based on the opponent I might face. I found out that I was going to play against him that very morning. This is the first time that we are going to play together. He’s a serious Maestro, and we have a bit of the same ground when it comes to musical tastes. They call us a bit the “B-side”, because we know a lot of old songs that are not very well known. We are fans of Sardou. I also appreciate it, for its style and sobriety.

If you win, you will meet Caroline Where Cindy

I stay focused on the game I’m playing. A priori, I can face them all at one point in the game. I try not to overestimate or underestimate the Maestros.

Has the show changed your life?

Yes, from a financial point of view. Of the 300,000 euros earned, I have already invested 200,000 euros in rental property. And I have some money left to buy housing. It’s pretty exceptional in a lifetime to be able to own and lead a sum like that while being so young. And there is the personal pride aspect: I have accomplished myself in something, and it has lastingly changed my self-confidence, the hope I have in the future, my serenity… It has improved all these aspects- the. And I have met a lot of great people who have become my friends. There is only positive.

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Did people contact you after the show?

Yes, it allowed me to meet people. People approach me on social media, as fans or viewers, who have appreciated my journey or my character. Depending on my desires or my state of mind, I answer them. I made several friends like that. I also happened to advise people on their revisions.



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