when will retirees receive their august payment?

former workers, pensioners and retirees of the institutes Mexican Social Security (IMSS) and of Security and Social Services for State Workers (ISSSTE) are close to receiving the payment corresponding to their pension of the month of August.

Pension payments to older adults or former IMSS and ISSSTE workers are made month after month on variable dates, so you always have to be aware of the calendar.

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While on some occasions the institutes issue the payment at the end of the month, other times they do so in the first days of the month to which the payment corresponds.

When will IMSS retirees be able to collect their August pension?

According to information issued by the Mexican Institute of Social Security, through its social networks, the August pension will be paid next Monday, August 1.

However, in other regions, the payment will start to drop from July 31.

For any questions or clarification regarding pension payment, the IMSS makes the following number available to former workers: 800 623 23 23, option 3.

When will the ISSSTE pension payment be paid?

Retirees and pensioners ISSSTE will receive before those of the IMSS your payment for August.

will be the next July 29 when pensioners can go to withdraw their money.

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According to former employees of this institution, on some occasions, such as at the end of the month, the payment is paid up to two days before the beginning of the following month, which is the one to which the payment corresponds.

Recommendations for going to the bank

As he IMSS As the ISSSTE recommend people go for their payment of pension of Augustand of any month, to the bank one day after the payment is made.

They also suggest that when you go to ATMs, Do it accompanied by a trustworthy person.

Another suggestion is to avoid handling cash whenever possible and pay for most purchases with a card.



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