When things don’t go well, you have to look into your heart “; That has been the key to the success of the seven-time winner of the Super Bowl, Tom Brady, who this Friday told the Telmex-Telcel Foundation scholarship recipients, during the annual event Mexico XXI century, that “undoubtedly we learn more from failures than from victories.”

Brady, who is considerate “The best player in the history of professional American football”, spoke to the youth of Mexico about the importance of being resilient in life.

“You are going to deal with many adversities, with many challenges that can be personal, professional, physical; they could be mental or emotional adversities. Nothing is easy. You are going to have to find resilience in yourself to overcome the challenges you are going to face. “

And he assured that, although all the people of the world have different lives and experiences, the most important thing is “to live with compassion and empathy towards those who have led lives very different from ours.”

“You have to live with compassion and empathy to give your best, to bring something positive to the world.”

Because the difference in experiences and perceptions is where the beauty of life lies, said the so-called “lord of the rings.”

“I think part of the experience of life is seeing other people experience different things”.

Despite the difficulties and successes he has experienced throughout his career of more than 20 years in American football, Brady asked the young scholarship holders from Fundación Telmex-Telcel “Never sacrifice your dreams.”

“We must never sacrifice our dreams. We must never give up on them. We all have different dreams that are important to us. “.

“Life is hard when we do things. Life is full of emotions and is far from perfect ”; thus, the greatest quarterback of all time He also asked all young people in Mexico to “make the most of opportunities.”

“We all have different experiences. We all have different lives, we all have our own individual lives. “

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We are all together on this planet

Referring to the challenges brought about by the health emergency caused by COVID-19, Tom Brady He said that “we are all connected and that there are no differences between people. We are all together on this planet ”.

“I care about Americans, I care about Mexicans, I care about Brazilians, I care about Chinese. The only thing that separates us is some arbitrary border that someone established a long time ago ”.

For this reason, he highlighted the importance of relationships in people’s lives, because “the important thing is the connections we have with our friends, families, co-workers, the communities we build, and we should not take all of this for granted.” .

“Let’s wake up every morning to be the best we can be, because nothing is permanent”.

And he encouraged all young people to continue learning throughout their lives.

“Learn from this experience, from these 18 months of difficult times for the world.”

Preparation translates into confidence

With an unrivaled career in performance sport, the quaterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers He stated that “preparation translates into confidence”, so “you have to practice hard to be prepared for pressure.”

“If I am well prepared and feel confident, I know we will have a very exciting day.”

Who is Tom Brady?

Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr., better known only as Tom Brady, is a famous professional football player, who is currently the quaterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, With whom won his seventh Super Bowl.

He was born in San Mateo, California, and since childhood he was a great admirer of the San Francisco 49ers and Joe Montana. He studied at the University of Michigan, from where he came out as the future star of the NFL with the New England Patriots, With whom won the Super Bowl six times.

Besides having seven Super Bowl champion rings, Brady ha sido NFL MVP three times and MVP del Super Bowl in five. Has been selected 14 times for the Pro Bowl and five times for teams All-Pro; titles that have led him to be considered as “The best player in the history of professional football.”


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