When they asked the star Sumaya al-Khashab about the reason for her divorce from her four husbands, she revealed what they were asking her with boldness and without hesitation.!

The star Sumaya Al-Khashab went through the experience of marriage more than once and each time it ended in divorce, and each separation had reasons that Sumaya Al-Khashab announced on several occasions.

Somaya al-Khashab married for the first time before entering the art world when she was 23 years old, and her marriage was traditional and ended in separation due to her first husband’s refusal to act.

Al-Khashab married for the second time in secret, and the marriage lasted until 2014, but she did not disclose this marriage until after it ended in divorce. She did not reveal her husband’s name and stated that the reason for the separation was the husband’s desire for Somaya to retire from art.

She had married for the third time to a pilot she met in Alexandria, and she had stated that she had married him for love and she had announced the separation from him and refused to list any other details.

On October 20, 2017, she married for the fourth time to the Egyptian singer Ahmed Saad, whom she separated in late March 2019, after sharp differences broke out between them.

On the reason for her divorce from Ahmed Saad, Somaya al-Khashab said that he refused her travel abroad, explaining that she was preparing for an artistic tour after the success of her last song “Betstaqqi”, but her husband refused, challenging her by saying, “And show me the plane, how do you see me”.

This was not the only reason, as Sumaya al-Khashab explained, but rather confirmed that her husband was changing her relationship with her mother, although she left everything in order to live next to him, but he is a person who considers the woman a “maid”.

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