when Rossi responds to Boca and what will he tell the Council

Agustín Rossi will go out to play the match against Patronato this Sunday in Paraná without having yet resolved his future, much less his renewal in Boca. First it was the proposal of the Football Council of Juan roman riquelmethen there was the rejection and counterproposal from the 26-year-old goalkeeper and his representative and then came the new offer from Xeneize that the 1 still did not respond to, which in principle generated some discomfort in the club due to the delay.

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Nevertheless, In the next few days the footballer will respond and at Olé we will tell you what his decision will be… Look.

Boca’s embarrassment and Rossi’s position

Boca’s trouble also has to do with the deadline to incorporate a replacement. Because If Boca transfers a soccer player abroad, he will have until August 8 (within nine days) to incorporate a replacement. After that date, he could no longer bring anyone in place of Rossi until the January 2023 market.

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On the goalkeeper’s side they confirm that the Council’s offer did not fully satisfy the footballer’s claims and that the surnames that began to be named, many of which were sought after in previous markets, they will not influence the decision that Agustín can make.

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During this time, Several foreign clubs set their sights on the goalkeeper who wins matches that Boca has and even asked for a quote with the intention of taking him away. However, from the CDF these requests were not processed and now everything will depend on what Agustín responds.

Between the first offer rejected by Rossi and this second “giant” proposal that Boca made, a little less than three months passed. It sounds logical, then, that the goalkeeper takes a few days to give the club an answer. As he was able to find out Ole, Agustín will seek to generate a meeting for next week and improve the numbers and some clauses of the offered contract.

How did he and his entourage take the Council’s move to make known the names of other archers? With peace of mind. “Let them name 80, then we have to see who comes and if they save in Boca. You can bring one that they haven’t scored a goal in five years and here they spend it getting out of the way “They said about 1. And they wondered what would be cheaper for Boca: whether to hire another national team goalkeeper or renew the contract of a proven player like Rossi.

The Council, it is known, does not usually walk around in these cases. The first offers are also usually the last. It happened with Julio Buffarini and with Eduardo Salvio. And Rossi could follow the same steps. Will he continue?

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Boca’s 11 to play with Patronato

Agustin Rossi; Luis Advíncula, Carlos Zambrano, Marcos Rojo, Frank Fabra; Pol Fernandez, Alan Varela, Juan Ramirez; Oscar Romero, Luis Vazquez and Sebastian Villa.

Boca concentrates without Darío Benedetto, who once again suffered from his sprained ankle.

Boca concentrates without Darío Benedetto, who once again suffered from his sprained ankle.



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