When player counts drop from 870k to 270k after ban wave

von Karsten Scholz
Until recently, Lost Ark player numbers on Steam were looking really good. But how much were the statistics inflated by bots? The sharp drop in numbers after the last wave of bans provides an impressive answer.

In the first week of June 2022, we reported that the Lost Ark player numbers are surprisingly good about four months after launch look, and that is unfortunately not only due to the high quality of the online role-playing game. At the time of the daily peak, there were more than 800,000 characters in Arkesia at the same time – and counting. But it wasn’t just curious MMO fans who wanted to give the game a chance, but also an increasing number of bot users who, thanks to the hardly any entry hurdles, keep creating new accounts in order to flood the game worlds with their characters.

Lost Ark: Your Odyssey Continues – Trailer shows you the new content

Ban wave washes away half the population

The bot problem took effect noticeably on the number of negative Steam reviews. No wonder: the economy, queues and gaming experience are negatively affected by the bots. Quit a few days ago Publisher Amazon Games therefore announced a massive wave of bans, with which the MMO providers want to improve the situation. And when it comes to various posts on Reddit and in the official forum, the ban wave has already been unleashed.

Lost Ark player numbers (buy now ) after the wave impressively show how blatant the problem in Arkesia actually was: According to SteamDB, the most recent 24-hour peak is 273,010 players who were online in the online role-playing game at the same time. On June 14, 2022, there were 873,694 characters.

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