When is the September carrier strike?  Cities that will comply and what they ask for

When is the September carrier strike? Cities that will comply and what they ask for


For this month of September, a new national strike has been announced in the Peru, since the Confederation of Cargo Unions of Peru indicated that they will soon initiate an indefinite protest to show their rejection of the government of the current president of the Republic, In Boluarte. They assure that the measure was taken after an assembly was held with leaders from the north, south and center of the country. Know all the details in the following note from Depor.

The Confederation of Cargo Unions of Peru assures that they will go on an indefinite national strike because they did not receive a response from the government on duty or from the Congress of the Republic. They specify that their sector will take the drastic measure because the carriers union is in a critical situation.

Sport Date of the National Carrier Strike

The Confederation of Cargo Unions of Peru announced through its leader, Jesús Martínez, that they will start the indefinite national strike next Monday, September 11, and will seek to meet with President Dina Boluarte and Congress until they are heard.

Sport How many carriers will abide by the national strike?

According to Juan Carlos Lagos, spokesman for the confederation, more than 24,000 carriers nationwide will participate. The number of people who agree with the strike is the number of people who are part of the Confederation of Cargo Guilds of Peru.

Sport What does the Confederation of Cargo Guilds of Peru ask for?

Juan Carlos Lagos, spokesman for the Confederation of Cargo Unions of Peru, announced that they are asking the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) to modify Supreme Decree No. 021-2022 on the face-to-face updating course in private driver’s schools for free, mandatory and virtual training through the Superintendence of Land Transportation of People (Sutran).

In addition, they will request that the pronouncement of the Andean Community be complied with and that foreign transport not enter the country, since the Confederation specifies that there are trucks from countries such as Bolivia and Ecuador that arrive in the country with contraband. Another point to be discussed is the approval of a rule on cargo reservation with the obligation to hire local companies, as well as an efficient cost table so that there is no unfair competition.

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Sport What consequences does the strike of cargo transport cause to the country?

According to the National Society of Industries (SNI), the transportation strike will seriously affect the transfer of food to the markets for purchase and sale, tourism because it will be difficult to mobilize without being exposed to the possibility of being stranded on the road and also trade.

Sport Which regions will join the protests?

The protesters announced that the national strike will start in the southern city of Puno, precisely in the border area of ​​Desaguadero. Another of the cities to join is Tumbes, which borders Huaquillas, in Ecuador.



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