When is it advisable to go to the psychologist?

When is it advisable to go to the psychologist?


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It is not necessary to be seriously disturbed to go to the psychologist, since these professionals are able to help their patients in many areas of life.

Nowadays, It is very natural for a person to go to a psychologist to face the challenges that arise.However, many people think that it is still considered a stigma to go to the psychologist.

Health What does a psychologist do?

Psychologists are mental health professionals who can offer their patients many tools that will make their lives easier and more relaxed. For example, they can help deal with a divorce, cope with the loss of a family member, perform in a very demanding job and many similar situations.

It is important to choose a good professional, in order to receive the optimal treatment for each case. In front of Psychologists Logroño it’s found Jesús Lasanta, a prestigious psychologist with the necessary credentials to treat patients with various characteristics. All this, in a comfortable and pleasant space that helps you feel safe.

Through carefully studied dynamics, Jesús Lasanta helps his patients to overcome the obstacles that separate them from a full life.

Health In which cases should a psychologist be seen?

As we have said, it is not necessary to suffer from a mental illness to go to the psychologist, there are signs that tell us to go to a consultation, for example, the following:

Sleeping problems

Sleep is very important for overall health and it is an indicator of the psychological state in which a person is.

If you have trouble falling asleep, you sleep for a few hours, you sleep for many hours, you have a very light sleep or you do not feel rested after sleeping, it is necessary that you go to the psychologist.

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Sleeping problems should be treated in time, as they can cause greater ills. A person who does not sleep well becomes irritable, is less productive, gets more tired, and loses mental concentration. and many other effects.

emotional lack of control

If you cannot control your emotional states, for example, you have fits of rage, you cry easily, you become irritable without being able to avoid it, everyday situations anguish you, you suddenly become sad and similar situations, you need to be evaluated by a psychologist.

Emotional lack of control can make you unable to face daily life, have problems at work, in your family and in other areas where you develop.

In addition to that, a lack of control of this type produces great suffering, from which you cannot get out alone in many cases. A psychologist can be of great help.

Crisis personal

Some life events, such as a divorce, the death of someone close, a trauma, a change of country, maternity, etc., can mean abrupt changes that are difficult to face. It is what is often called a personal crisis.

To face a personal crisis, a psychologist like Jesús Lasanta offers dynamics, tools and other resources for the patient to find a way to resolve the situation and achieve peace of mind.

In personal crises, patterns of behavior that limit us and that originate in childhood and the upbringing that has been received come to light. An excellent psychologist is capable of identifying those patterns and generating the change that is required.

Low self-esteem

Sometimes the reason for going to the psychologist can be very subtle and masked behind a shy personality, repeated love failures, inability to succeed at work and many other situations. All this can originate is a low self-esteem.

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Low self-esteem is what makes a person think that they are worthless, that anyone is better than him or her.that he does not deserve to do well, all this influences his behavior and causes him to fail in the things he most desires.

If you have recognized yourself in any of the symptoms described, go to a psychologist to give you the help you need and begin to improve your life.

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