ÖSYM, YKS preference and quota guide were published. Candidates will be able to choose according to this guide on 6-14 August.

The Assessment, Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) published the 2020-YKS Higher Education Programs and Quotas Guide on its website on July 21 to provide candidates with preliminary information. Current Higher Education Programs and Quotas Guide was announced by ÖSYM. Candidates will be able to make their choices after reading this guide. ÖSYM previously announced the preliminary guide. It was observed that there was not much difference between the quotas between the last guide and the front guide. Two-year associate degree quotas were given as 494 thousand 463 in the first announced guide. In the new guide, it was seen that this number was 494 thousand 426. While there were 498 thousand 990 quotas in the first announced guide in the license quotas, this number was 498 thousand 977 in the new one. University candidates will make their preference transactions between 6-14 August. Candidates will make their preferences by using their TC identity numbers and passwords from the ÖSYM’s https://ais.osym.gov.tr ​​website according to the rules in the guide. Preference transactions will end on August 14 at 23.59.

Candidates should carefully protect their personal identity information and TC Identity numbers and ÖSYM candidate transactions passwords and not share them with anyone. The candidate himself / herself will be responsible for the victimization that will occur by sharing the TR ID number and ÖSYM candidate transactions password with others.