Agritel indicates that, according to the EU, “soft wheat exports stand at 4.66 million tonnes on September 5 against 3.60 million last year on that date, after the bad 2020 harvest”.

Wheat prices fell slightly Wednesday at midday on the European market, in a general context of erosion of cereal prices, still at sustained prices.

In the United States, the Ministry of Agriculture published its weekly report on export inspections on Tuesday: “In wheat, the figure stabilizes, in the midst of expectations, at 381,600 tonnes, corn continues to decline , below expectations, at a low since August 2013, at 275,800 tonnes, ”noted the Inter-Courtage firm.

Egypt has launched on the European market a “new call for tenders in wheat for loading October 25 / November 3 payment at 180 days”.

On the international scene, the firm reported “the sale by the USA of 327,300 tonnes of quality + hard + wheat (soft wheat) to Nigeria and about 50,000 tonnes to South Korea”.

Agritel pointed out that, according to the European Commission, “soft wheat exports stood at 4.66 million tonnes on September 5 against 3.60 million last year on that date, after the bad 2020 harvest”. A movement followed by barley, with exports “to 2.18 million tonnes against 1.71 million” last year. Corn imports are “at 2.90 million tonnes against 3.23 last year.”

Sowing of winter wheat has started in the Black Sea and the United States, while French producers, who have finally emerged from a harvest lengthened by summer rains, have announced an “encouraging vintage” for wheat. tender, at nearly 36 million tonnes.

“We will be fully capable of supplying all markets, both with soft wheat and with fodder crops. No worries on that side, ”assured the AGPB on Tuesday, the union bringing together French wheat producers.

Around 12:30 p.m. (10:30 a.m. GMT) on Euronext, a tonne of common wheat was down 1.25 euros on the September deadline, to 238 euros, and up 25 cents on the December deadline, to 242.50 euros, for some 5,500 lots exchanged.

The ton of corn was stable on the November deadline, at 213.25 euros, and down 75 cents on the January deadline, at 214 euros, for 120 lots traded.

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