One of the applications of instant messaging most used is WhatsApp, this tool facilitates communication between people, either through messages, video calls, voice notes, photos, videos, etc., no matter where in the world they are.

One of the many advantages it offers is that it is constantly updated to offer a better user experience. For this reason, we tell you five new features that will release this application in the coming months, so take note.

WhatsApp will have 5 new features in the coming months. Photo: Pixabay

1. Audio transcription

Although this function is still under development, it is known that it can be used when you cannot listen to an audio message that has reached you, so you would have the option to transcribe it to a written message.

It is not yet known when it will be released in the beta version, but it is expected to be within the next few months. So if you suddenly come across this new feature, you will already have one more option to be able to know what a voice note says in case you are in an important meeting and cannot hear it.

2. Report spam

Surely on more than one occasion you have received a message from contacts that you do not have scheduled promoting a product or service, or the famous chains. In order to end these practices, WhatsApp is working on a tool that allows users to block these messages to avoid receiving notifications.

There is even talk of the possibility that users can report the chat, although nothing is confirmed yet since this function is currently under development.

3. Emojis to react to chats

How many times have you not wanted to reply to a message with only a reaction, such as a happy face, a heart, a laughing or annoyed emoji, etc. We have good news for you since WhatsApp is working to develop this tool.

Surely it will be very similar to the reactions of Facebook with the famous I like, I love, I have fun, etc. So if you don’t feel like replying to a message, you could just react to it.

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4. Listen to videos without volume

This is one of the new functions that WhatsApp is working on, it is a tool that will allow users to play a video without sound, even if the volume is activated on the device.

In general, what would be modified is the configuration of how they would be reproduced, so if you are in an important meeting and want to see a video but do not want anyone to know, you should only play it without sound.

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5. Connect multi-device function

The last feature WhatsApp is working on is related to the way this platform can be used. Currently it can only be used through a mobile device or on the computer, in the desktop version, as long as it is connected to a main device.

What you want to achieve with the update you are working on is that the WhatsApp service can be used offline, but so far it is not known what the official launch date will be.

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