WhatsApp: why your sent message only stays in a gray check

WhatsApp: why your sent message only stays in a gray check


WhatsApp has added more emojis to its platform, as well as a series of details such as the function to publish voice messages in your states, there is even an option to prevent your friends from seeing your connection time and the “online”.

But sometimes all the fun is lost when we send a message and it stays in a single gray check. What do you think has happened in WhatsApp? If it’s been a long time and it doesn’t come, it can mean several things.

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Before you despair, it is always good to verify that you have an internet connection since this is a fairly recurring problem that prevents a WhatsApp message from not being delivered. So follow the steps.

Sport Why does my WhatsApp message only stay in a gray check?

  • The first option that you should rule out is to know if that person has blocked you on WhatsApp or not.
  • To do this, simply try to add it to a group.
  • If that option bounces back, it is possible that person has blocked you and, as a consequence, the message will only remain in a single gray check.
  • On the other hand, if your message only stays in a gray check, it may mean that person does not have a network.
  • In addition, your cell phone may also be turned off and, as a consequence, you cannot receive messages.
  • Another detail that you should really know is that if your text stays in a single check, it may be that WhatsApp is suffering some kind of crash at that moment.
  • For this always corroborate it in your social networks.
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