WhatsApp warns of dangerous messages with a campaign

The WhatsApp messenger service is also affected by scam or phishing messages. A campaign is used to draw attention to the topic.

the essentials in brief

  • There are also many fraudsters on WhatsApp.
  • The messenger service therefore warns of dangerous messages.
  • A campaign has been launched in the UK.

Scam or phishing messages are not uncommon on WhatsApp either. That is why the messenger service itself now warns of such messages.

The “Stop.Think.Call” information campaign has now been launched together with the National Trading Standard.

This is now running in Great Britain. This is to make people aware of the dangerous news.

The first step is to ask yourself whether the message makes any sense at all. Then you should call the number to verify the identity of the sender. If it turns out to be a fraud, it can be reported.

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