WhatsApp wants to force you to see the States with this function

For many WhatsApp it’s a simple messaging app that allows exchanging content in real time. But the truth is that this platform is looking for a way to be more like a red social Adding features like States. And to make this option more relevant, he is working on a new update so that users are almost forced to see them.

As you know, the States of WhatsApp they allow you to share content with your contacts indirectly. And it is that it is not a message that you send to someone in particular but a tool to add text, emojis, photos, videos, GIFs and even music and memes that is only visible for 24 hours for those who click on it.

Many love the possibility of sharing something from their day to day life through this tab. Others don’t even consider them. But now WhatsApp will give them more weight with a new function.

The function that will force you to see WhatsApp States

According to information published by WABetaInfo, the portal specialized in WhatsApp that filters the functions in which the platform is working, soon the States They will have a new way of visualizing themselves.

Image: Pixabay

in a next update los States They will be shown directly in the chat list, so it will be much easier and more visual to know when one of your contacts has shared something.

This means that it will no longer be necessary to go to the States located at the top of the screen when you open WhatsAppbecause in beta for Androidthe content is displayed directly in each of the chats

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Thus, every time one of your contacts shares a new stateyou will see a green dot on its icon and if you click it, you will see the content.

And if you hate the option of States The bad news goes, according to WABetaInfo this function cannot be deactivated in the app settings. Although that could be because it is a test. We will have to wait for the final release but there is no date for it yet.

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More features for WhatsApp States

In addition to the above function, another strategy through which WhatsApp wants to make more useful States is with the link preview.

This new feature is already available in apps like Instagram and Facebook and basically seeks to allow users to have a preview of the links that are published.

It must be explained that the link preview was only possible through the chats. As you have surely noticed, when you send a link by message, the image appears, a brief summary and the site where the information was published.

Image: Pixabay

WABetainfo shared a series of images in which you can see that the shared links show a box with the site’s logo, a general description and the web address where the information comes from.

According to the leak, in the new function of the whatsapp status priority will be given to the visual, since the image of the link will stand out more than the text, as if it were an information card that loads automatically.

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For now the tests are performed only for iOS devices.

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