WhatsApp trick to know if they have already read your message

Today we will let you know step by step how you can know if your message was read on WhatsApp without blue popcorn, so keep reading so you can learn how to do it.

If you want to know if they have already read your message or heard your voice audio even though they have disabled the blue popcorn, Just follow these simple steps.

Apparently we will have to remain confined at home due to the contingency after the appearance of new variants.

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In most cases that means more home office and contacting your co-workers through messaging platforms or social networks.

So it is not surprising that WhatsApp users take on the task of investigating tricks to improve communication and privacy, one of them has to do with blue popcorn.

Although for some they are usually a headache for many others it gives them certainty, because it allows them to know if their message has finally been read.

Currently, there is a function to deactivate them, do not worry because there is a way to circumvent it and thus be able to know if they have already read your messages.

So to avoid conflicts with the “you let me in seen”, or simply to maintain their privacy, many have preferred to deactivate the option that indicates if your contact has already read you on WhatsApp.

Although either of them have this function activated, it is possible to identify if they have already seen your message; Just follow these simple steps.

It should be mentioned that this is the simplest way, since more than a trick it is a hidden function or very little known by users.

Once you enter WhatsApp, choose the chat of the person you sent the message to.

Select the text or audio and click on “info.”, There it will appear if your message has already been delivered, or more importantly, if you have already seen it.

Even the “Read” box will appear with the popular blue popcorn, this regardless of whether the other person or even you have them disabled.

However, there is also another option and the first thing you should do is create a group with which you want to know if they have already read your message.

Send him the message through the group, and regardless of whether he has deactivated the blue popcorn, that way you will know if he has already read your message or listened to the audio that you sent him.



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