Today we will introduce you to a simple and effective trick of WhatsApp with which you will learn the definitive method to know if they blocked you or not, so keep reading so that you know how to do it step by step.

If you don’t know if you really they blocked On WhatsApp, here we will tell you how to know it without making a mistake.

The truth is that WhatsApp is one of the applications that is not only packed with a large number of functions, but it can cause a certain headache in some people.

If you still do not know if someone has blocked you permanently and you can no longer talk to her, you may be something wrong and it is better to follow these steps to find out.

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It is worth mentioning that it is not necessary to have to download third-party applications that complement WhatsApp to know if someone blocked you or not, since it will be enough for you to be attentive to know for sure.

First of all, when someone shows their profile photo it is because they have determined that their list of contacts can see that image.

In case you do not admire it, it may mean that they have either blocked you or simply decided to hide it from you, it may also be that said person has decided to leave it blank.

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On the other hand, if the last connection time is not shown in WhatsApp, it can mean two things, that said person has decided not to show when was the moment they were “online” or has simply blocked you forever.

Also, if you never see that person “online”, your contact may have blocked you for life, although it may also mean that they have deactivated their WhatsApp account.

Whereas if your message remains in a single check lead, that person may have blocked you or their account has been deactivated for an indeterminate time.

And it is that to be true there are endless things that could have happened so that you think that they have blocked you from the messaging application.

That is why it is always better to ask directly and so you do not waste your time using all the methods to know if they actually blocked you or it has been something else external to it so your messages do not reach the person.

It should be mentioned that this application is quite complete, however, there are many people who still do not take full advantage of it and that is why we constantly help you with it.


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