• Do you also have friends who always send you voice messages?
  • They often arrive when you don’t have time to listen – for example, because you are in the office.
  • With the Transcriber for Whatsapp app, Android users can convert the messages into text for free. Unfortunately, Apple users have to pay for similar apps.

For many, voice messages are a practical alternative to SMS and short messages in messenger services such as Whatsapp. But you don’t always have the time or are in the right setting to listen to the messages you receive. In the office, for example, this is usually only possible with headphones. There are also people who generally reject voice messages. For these moments and all those users who don’t feel like listening to voice messages, some of which are minutes long, various apps offer a remedy.

Android users can download the Transcriber for Whatsapp app. It then transcribes – as the name suggests – the voice message and delivers it to you in text form. This works – apart from small mistakes – almost perfectly. There are also corresponding apps for Apple users. Textify and Audio to Text for Whatsapp, for example. The disadvantage: In contrast to the Android app, these cost you a few euros.

Transcribe voice messages: how it works

If you are using an Android smartphone, simply search for the above-mentioned app in the Google Play Store and download it. Then you click in Whatsapp on the message to be transcribed and then on “Share” to assign it to the Transcriber-for-Whatsapp app. This then immediately converts the audio file into a text file, which you can then read and copy.

It works the same way on the iPhone, although the respective apps are due here for 3.99 euros (Textify) and 1.99 euros (Audio to Text for Whatsapp).

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