WhatsApp tests pause voice recording in Windows app – IT Pro – News

Better to completely remove that functionality. Record messages? hopeless. Then you better just call. This feature is terribly inefficient, you’re waiting for someone to finally finish their dick story. Worst situation I’ve been in was someone dictated a shopping list while I was in the store. Then just send a… text message? What is the app actually for?

Oh and while they’re at it, let them ditch that awful calling functionality too. Are you standing there with a ringing phone, because you can’t turn it off. But I can’t take the call either, because Whatsapp doesn’t have access to my microphone. Why can’t I set in my profile that I DO NOT WANT to receive phone calls and NO voice messages, and in such a way that the sender can’t do it with me either? If they are busy filling Whatsapp with junk, then those buttons can also be added…

What a bloatware this is getting…



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