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WhatsApp is an instant messaging application that currently has very useful functions in terms of privacy and security, however, although the app adds new and important tools to its platform from time to time, the process continues to be gradual. Fortunately, there are external options that make it a completely complete application. One of these allows you to send audio with different effects, including the voice of a drunk. Do you want to know how to do it? We will explain it below. Take note.

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  • First, make sure that WhatsApp have no pending updates.
  • Enter the Google Play Store and search for the application “voice changer with effects”, you can quickly download it by clicking here.
  • After having installed the application, open it and grant it the necessary permissions so that it can operate.
  • The app will show you different funny effects, from a nervous voice to a cyborg.
  • At the top press the microphone icon to record audio, you do not need to imitate a drunken voice, but if you want you can.
  • Now, find the drunk filter and play the audio by pressing the play icon.
  • If you think it has turned out well, press the three vertical points that are on the right side of the filter and hit “Share”.
  • Finally, a menu will be displayed, choose WhatsApp and send it to the contact you want.

It is important to clarify that the audio you record can be played with all the audio effects or filters, not just one, so you have a range of options to choose from and send.

How to clean WhatsApp to free up space on iPhone

  • Open the application and press on “Settings” or “Configuration”, you find it with the icon of a cogwheel or gear in the lower right.
  • Several options will open, enter the one that says “Manage storage”.
  • Here you will see how much space it occupies WhatsApp currently and how much free space you have left.
  • Swipe down a bit and a list of chats will appear. This is found in a certain order where the first contact or group chat is the one with the largest number of files stored.
  • To avoid entering each one and start deleting files, above the chats you will find a section called “Review and delete items larger than 5 MB”, touch it.
  • Press for a few seconds on the videos you want to delete until they are selected.
  • Finally, click on the trash can icon in the upper right corner.

WhatsApp problems

do you have a problem with WhatsApp? Do you need to report it? If you have any kind of problem, then you should write to their contact email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Now, if you need to make a general query, you can fill out the form using this link. There you simply have to put your phone number, in addition to the code of your region, and then write your message after identifying yourself.




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