WhatsApp secret function: what is it, how to activate it and what is it for

Privacy is one of the main advantages it has WhatsApp, with the application guaranteeing with its end-to-end encryption the security of the conversations that its users have.

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And they give it so much importance that there is even a mode to lock the messaging app and prevent unknown people from entering without prior permission: the restricted mode.

With the same it can be prevented that a person grabs the cell phone without permission and checks the chatssince it uses a biometric lock -either fingerprint or facial recognition- that is activated before opening the application.

It is possible to lock WhatsApp with the fingerprint.


For those interested in using this modality, The first thing they should do is enter the general configuration of WhatsApp found by touching the three buttons at the top right -on iOS devices at the bottom right-.

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Once there, the following guide should be followed:

  • Go to the tab that says “Account”.
  • Select the “Privacy” tab.
  • Tap on “Fingerprint lock”.
  • Tap on “Enable”.

Once there is enabled this function, will begin to ask for the fingerprint (or facial recognition on iPhones) to be able to enter the chats of WhatsApp.

It is important to note that mobile users with Android 6.0 or lower do not have this function enabled because they do not have a fingerprint reader on their devices.



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