WhatsApp may soon introduce “ reactions ” to messages. Yes, a real collection of emojis representing moods that would allow users to allow immediate responses to individual phrases within the chat. One thing that somehow already present on Instagram and Facebook Messenger and that has already been adopted for some time in a more widespread way also by other brands such as suSignal or even on iMessage. In this case, as a preview, this novelty was still the beta version of the software under test that some users have already been able to use.

WhatsApp: here’s how reactions will work

To note the presence of this new function was, as always, the staff ofWabetainfoche directly in the versionWhatsApp Beta per Android had confirmation of what has already emerged during the summer and more precisely last August, with the request to update the beta version appeared to some users with the motivation of “view the reaction just received” to a message. The new clue instead comes today from the WhatsApp settings page, under the Notifications section which gives the possibility through the switch relating to the possibility or not to receive notifications on reactions to messages sent.

Unfortunately there are no pictures at the moment that allow you to touch real reactions with your hand (or more precisely with your eyes), but it is likely to imagine that underneath the messages there could be a thumbs up to express consent, perhaps the heart to express satisfaction or even a the face that laughs with hilarity, the one with its mouth open in disbelief and almost certainly the sad one too. For the moment,reactions to messages remain one of the possibilitiescoming soon but as always never 100% certain that what is tested will then be approved on the public version for Android and iPhone.

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