WhatsApp now lets you choose who can see your profile information

WhatsApp this week announced the rollout of a feature that allows users to select who in their contact list can see their profile information.

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Last year, WhatsApp started working on a new privacy setting that allowed users to hide their profile pictures, last login time and menu information About » to specific people in their contact lists. Its availability was limited since it was in beta, but the company has finally announced that it is rolling it out to all of its users across the globe on iPhone and Android devices.

Currently, according to a WhatsApp Help Center page dedicated to this issue, your privacy settings, unless reconfigured, allow all users to add you to groups, for example. Contacts can see your status updates, read receipts, profile picture, last login, and about menu information. Profile pictures have also recently appeared in WhatsApp notifications on iOS.

WhatsApp improves user privacy on its app

Since the new WhatsApp update, you can now choose who can see each of your profile information. You will therefore have the choice between several options: everybody », « anyone in your contact book », « anyone in your contacts except for some specific contacts you choose », et « nobody ».

This allows you to either stay completely private, or to build a contact list of people you trust enough to have access to your information. It is therefore a question ofa welcome change for anyone who found WhatsApp to be a little too lax in its way of protecting your personal information.

Some users regularly complained about the “last seen” status of WhatsApp, since it reveals the time and date of the last use of the application. Therefore, even if your recipient chooses to disable delivery receipts, it was still possible to determine whether or not a contact had seen the message you sent them.

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