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The new features are a response from WhatsApp to allegations about the chat service’s lack of privacy. WhatsApp, and by extension owner Meta, have been under fire for some time because of their (lack of) policy to protect the privacy of users.

Leave group

Currently, all group members are notified when a member leaves the group. WhatsApp has announced that from now on only administrators will receive a notification when someone leaves a group.

Users can now also see when a contact is ‘online’. After the rollout of the new features, users will be able to choose whether or not to share their status with certain contacts. Previously it was already possible to disable read receipts (the well-known blue check marks), so that contacts cannot see whether you have read a message.

You also get more time to delete a message. This is now possible up to an hour after posting the message, but deleting a message will remain possible in the future for more than two days after sending. Handy if you regret a sent message.

According to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the changes should ensure that messages are “as safe as a normal conversation between two people”.

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