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Many Android phones and iPhones will be locked out of WhatsApp from November 1st. KOSMO tells you whether your cell phone is also affected.

The permanent WhatsApp lock will lead many users to create a new cell phone from November 1st. Around 40 different cell phones are affected by the stop. These are old iPhones and Android cell phones where the app can no longer be updated. That means everything older than Android 4.1 will be blocked. These include cell phones such as the Huawei Ascend or the Samsung Galaxy S3. IPhones with the iOS 9.X operating system and older are also affected.

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Furthermore, only selected phones with KaiOS 2.5.1 and newer, including JioPhone and JioPhone 2, are supported. This means for all owners of an iPhone 4s or older: the WhatsApp off. With tablets up to the iPad 2 or iPad of the 3rd generation, which can no longer import an update, it is then no longer possible to use WhatsApp. In the case of Android, all devices are affected that could not make another one after the Android update “Ice Cream Sandwich”.

All those affected will have to use another device or switch to a different messenger service from November 1, 2021. For the time being, the affected users can still use WhatsApp, but after that date they can no longer create an account, verify themselves again or install updates. Later on, WhatsApp will no longer work on your devices.

What can you do about it?
If your device belongs to one of the above, you should first check whether your operating system can be updated. If you haven’t set this automatically, you can check it on Android in Settings> System> Software update. On iOS phones this can be done under Settings> General> Software update. If an update is not possible, all you have left is to use another app, such as Telegram, Signal or Threema, or to get a new smartphone.

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