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“most” don’t have that feature. For example, Samsung does not have these as standard, and neither does Nokia.
Tools that you can download from the app store have shown me in recent years that the function can no longer work with an OS update. Apps crash continuously, etc. or there are missing functions or messages do not arrive at the cloned version until minutes or hours later. In addition, those apps no longer work as soon as your mobile is connected to an MDM solution, because they often also use the built-in virtual containers and only 1 app gets control over it (almost all cloning apps use that container method).

With Whatsapp we soon found out that the only real good way to have this working is to install Whatsapp Business, in addition to the normal Whatsapp client.

edit: sorry, see Samsung does have this these days in the form of advanced features. However, I have never tried to use it. Will test if that works now if the mobile is also managed via MDM.

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