WhatsApp: how to record a call on your phone

Ideally, you should not do these steps with the intention of harming the other person. (Photo: Pixabay)

There are a variety of reasons why you want to save part of a conversation through WhatsApp, one of the most popular apps today. For example, when you are going to interview someone, or for any other reason. Therefore, we will disclose what is the trick to record that call.

It is about carrying out some steps in a practical and simple way, either to iOS or Android and without the other person knowing.

How to do it?


* Choose the person you want to call.

* Activate the speaker system and turn up the volume.

* Type “voice recorder” in the search engine, on the home screen of the cell phone, which usually comes pre-installed on the cell phone.

* Start recording.

* At the end only said conversation should be saved.

In iOS the steps are different.  Photo: pixabay
In iOS the steps are different. Photo: pixabay


In this case, the steps to follow for iPhone are a little different, because Apple does not allow you to use the voice recorder while on a call; however, there is one more way to do it.

* The user must have a Mac computer to connect their iPhone to it.

* On your computer go to the “File” tab and click on “new audio recording”.

* Select to start recording in “QuickTime”.

* When finished, you will need to save the conversation.

It is important to highlight that, when carrying out this type of action, it is without harming the person who will be contacted or violating their personal information.

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How to know how long you have been seen

Meanwhile, multiple WhatsApp tools are made available to users day by day, to learn more about the messages or facilitate the operation, as well as to clear up some doubts, such as How long have you been seen?

With simple steps, a person will know the exact moment when the friend, neighbor, relative, partner, among others, read your message.

The idea is to save the conversation in cases like an interview.  Photo: Pixabay.
The idea is to save the conversation in cases like an interview. Photo: Pixabay.

The main thing is that the other person you are texting with must have the read confirmation option activated, that is, the popcorn that is painted blue when they have read the message.

However, to know exactly the time in which said message was read, the user will have to do the following:

* Open the chat of the person you want.

* Select the message you delivered and press and hold on it.

* Next, look for the three dots that are located in the upper right part.

*The click and Info.

* Then three options will be shown where the time of the message sent, delivered and read is observed.

It is important to detail that if the other person has the read receipts option disabled, then the time when a message was viewed will not appear, but the time of their last connection will be displayed.

WhatsApp was acquired in 2014 by the popular social networking service Facebook, a company created and founded by programmer and businessman Mark Elliot Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg’s intentions to unify their platforms have been made known repeatedly. The aim is for users to interact with each other without distinction and to improve global marketing potential.

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