WhatsApp is the app with the most active users in the world, so for many, privacy options are essential. One of the most importants? Hide status so that contacts do not see that you are connected, “online”, or prevent them from knowing that We are writing”.

In your settings panel WhatsApp It has several multiple privacy options, allowing its more than 1.5 billion users to choose, for example, who can see the profile photo, its Status, or disable read receipts. But they cannot be disabled from the settings menu and you have to resort to artisan tricks.

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Perhaps in a work or romantic relationship, the “writing” that appears and disappears can be a telltale and nuisance element. It reveals that the sender erases and rewrites or that he is writing his own version of War and Peace.

Here we explain simple tricks to avoid being seen “online” or “typing”

How to hide that we are “online” or “writing” in WhatsApp

  • When a message arrives, before opening it, we will have to lower the notification bar and avoid entering WhatsApp.
  • Both on Android and iPhone we will have to activate “airplane mode”, which will turn off WiFi and data of the cell phone, so that it is completely disconnected.
  • Just now can wes enter WhatsApp, read the messages and reply to them.
  • Once finished we exit WhatsApp and we deactivate the “airplane mode”, to regain connectivity.
  • Written messages will be sent and no one will have seen us “online” or writing.
Some users want to hide their movements and WhatsApp has functions for this … some are “artisan” (Photo: Reuters).

Another method to avoid “writing” is to first send that message to your own line associated with WhatsApp. In this TN Tecno note we detail how to write messages (or send audios, images, videos, etc.) to your own account. This trick has a number of uses, and it is also useful in this case. What is the idea? Compose the message, send it to your own number, and finally copy that message to send it to the true recipient.

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The last trick is the most artisan on the list. If it really bothers us that people know how long it takes to write a message, why not type outside the app, copy it and finally paste it?

In this case, you can do it in a mobile word processor, in a note app or in the body of an email that you will never send. The last step is to copy it and use it in the Facebook messenger.

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This form is also especially useful for sending messages that should be reviewed before “sending”.

This is the “invisible mode” of WhatsApp

The WhatsApp messaging application allows you to read messages without being “online”. Here we explain how to do it with a very simple trick with a key but exclusive detail for Android: do not open the application.

WhatsApp: how to activate the “invisible mode”

For not appear connected and to be able to read the messages we have to do the following:

  • On the desktop, on a free screen of the cell phone, we have to do click for a couple of seconds on a blank part from the screen.
  • A button will appear that says “Widgets”.
  • We choose it and select the box that says “WhatsApp messages” (there may be other options).
  • We arrange it on the desk. The size can be enlarged or reduced.
  • Now, when chats come to us, we can read them there instead of opening WhatsApp. And do not mark them as read or show us “online”.

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WhatsApp: how to make your contacts not see you “online” or “writing”

WhatsApp: this is the “invisible mode” of the app


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