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If you opened the whatsapp camera and you noticed that the zoom was activated, do not despair. A large portion of the more than 2 billion users of WhatsApp They went to social networks to verify that they were not the only ones to notice the change when trying to take a photo or record a video from the application.

Apparently, it was the application itself that incorporated the automatic zoom to its interface. The problem appears to be limited to certain phone brands, affecting more users who have Samsung and Motorola devices.

One of the simplest ways to bypass auto zoom is to take the photos and videos you want to send. from the cell phone camera, and select files from your gallery when sharing them in a chat. If you prefer to fix your WhatsApp camera, there are different ways to fix the problem:

Clear cache

A quick way to get the camera back to normal is delete WhatsApp cache. To do this you must go to the menu Settings on your phone, enter the window Apps and notifications and search for the messaging app. Within the menu, you must first Force stop from the platform and then the option to Clear cache. This step will not delete your photos, videos or chats.

Uninstall WhatsApp

With the backup made, you will not lose data when uninstalling and installing WhatsApp.

If problems persist, it is recommended uninstall and reinstall the app. To avoid losing your data in this process, you must perform a backup before removing WhatsApp. Once it is downloaded to your phone again, you can restore backup and continue chatting.

Verify that you are on the latest version

Another thing to keep in mind is to check if your cell phone has the latest version of WhatsApp, since operating from an outdated version can bring several problems. To make sure you are on the correct version, you will have to search for WhatsApp in the digital store where you downloaded it and check that there are no new updates available.

A penultimate resource to fix the zoom problem is download an older version of WhatsApp. To do this, you must uninstall WhatsApp from your phone and look for a previous version on a page outside the Play Store, which must be installed in APK format.

Download WhatsApp Beta

In the Beta version, WhatsApp tests its future updates.

If none of the measures work, you might consider download the trial version of WhatsApp. As is the version where the property of Facebook it tests its new functions, it is usually updated more frequently than the standard version. To access the beta version, you must sign up for the beta program from the Google Play Store (the program may have no available vacancies).

In the event that the problem persists, you should contact WhatsApp. The company of Mark Zuckerberg you usually find out about problems early, but the update that fixes the problem may not be available for a few weeks.


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