WhatsApp has proven to be a jail from which it is almost impossible to get out | Technology

Despite all the controversies and campaigns, WhatsApp is still essential for users and is far from falling.

It must be recognized that, despite all the controversies that exist with the different social networks, Mark Zuckerberg’s company has managed to put itself in a position that is difficult to get out of. The case of Facebook is a good example, although it seems stagnant and is surrounded by serious controversies, it is still a majority platform. And with WhatsApp this is increased.

In recent months there has been an important controversy with the new privacy policies that WhatsApp has promoted and that they have not liked in general, but even so they have barely made a dent in the number of users that the platform maintains. The competition grows, but few people leave WhatsApp.

According to Sensortower, Signal has grown by 1,200% in the first quarter of 2021 and Telegram by 98%, but WhatsApp has not fallen and the vast majority of users have accepted the proposed changes. And the truth is that it is difficult to leave this social network.

Although alternatives are chosen and acquaintances are encouraged to do the same, WhatsApp is very established in the lives of many people of all ages, so much so that they see the application as something indivisible from their mobile. Convincing to change is difficult on an individual level, let alone a group.

Although a personal migration is possible, WhatsApp groups will most likely be lost. Be it from work, family, group of friends, school acquaintances, community of neighbors … There is always an anchor that prevents you from escaping WhatsApp.

To this must be added that the changes that generate so much controversy are only known by a small part of society, the vast majority live oblivious to these debates that are not usually mentioned in the most generalist media, at least until they try to regulate, and this makes it difficult to convince them.

WhatsApp has become an application that only suffers user losses when governments legislate to counteract their policies. In the European Union they have chosen to abandon WhatsApp and switch to Signal, but when it comes to combating the practices of this company always focuses more on taxation than privacy.

In any case, there are many reasons that continue to tie us to WhatsApp, so many that leaving the application becomes a decision that will almost always lead to losing something. The determining factor is whether that loss is judged sufficient when compared to what is accepted. when approving the new WhatsApp policies.

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