Voice messages are both a blessing and a curse. And now the voice messages on WhatsApp are to get new features.

Do you use voice messaging? So I don’t like to use them. I also hate to hear them. I prefer the discreet written messages. Because many people still send voice messages and I don’t want to evaluate that any further.

According to WAbetainfo, the voice messages on WhatsApp should now have new features. The website reports that WhatsApp is working on the ability to pause voice messages while recording. That should apply to a future update. This feature could be useful as it doesn’t force users to record a new message if canceled.

In the demo video, WAbetainfo shows how, after pausing the recording of the voice message, you can continue using another record button. If you tap on it, the recording of the message can be continued. This feature was discovered during the development of WhatsApp for iOS, but WhatsApp is also working on the beta version of WhatsApp for Android.

Voice messaging alternative

As mentioned at the beginning, I’m not a big fan of voice messages. But smartphones actually offer an alternative that is not necessarily exclusively related to WhatsApp. There is the speech-to-text function. On Android, this appears in the form of a small microphone on the keyboard.

If this symbol is pressed, you can dictate for the respective text field and the smartphone converts the spoken word into written words. With a little practice, entire texts can be dictated into the text fields in a short time. And the recipient still has a discreet text message.

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