WhatsApp Desktop 2.2218.8: download and news

We already have the latest available WhatsApp Desktop 2.2218.8 update, intended for computers. It is a recommended download, and the main novelty is that it fixes the problems with notifications that have been present for some time.

Some users demanded the push notification bug fix, which prevented them from knowing when new messages arrived. When opening WhatsApp Desktop, the new messages did appear, but not the warnings through the notifications of the operating system.

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Updating to WhatsApp Desktop 2.2218.8 is a good idea for everyone, but those who are experiencing notification issues should first uninstall the current version, and then install the new one. This ensures that the update is applied correctly, although later they will have to synchronize the mobile app and the desktop app again.

This fix was previously tested, so notifications should now work as normal. With the improved multi-device mode, more and more people use WhatsApp from their computer, so developers are improving native applications.

On the other hand, those who have WhatsApp Web do not need to do anything, since it was not affected by this error, and this version is updated directly when we open the browser to use it.

For the rest, we will not find new features in WhatsApp Desktop 2.2218.8. Let us remember that it is traditional desktop versionnot the new Windows and Mac apps that are in development for the official stores.

Another alternative would be to download WhatsApp Beta for Windows, where the problem with notifications has been fixed long ago. This way we will receive the news before the general public, in exchange for a small risk that the application will be more unstable.

Therefore it is good idea to download WhatsApp Desktop 2.2218.8 to remove bugs. If the notifications do not reach us, it is better to do it right now, and we should not delay it too much otherwise, since the updated software is usually more secure and efficient.

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  1. Download WhatsApp Desktop for Windows/Mac



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