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WhatsApp announced new changes to the application. Among the new functions that will land in the app will be the “Disappearance mode”, multi-device support and “see once” mode.

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Since the rise of messaging applications such as Telegram and Signal, WhatsApp has redoubled efforts to stay current and in the taste of users. On this occasion, the application announced three new features that will be of great interest to everyone who uses the app.

The first novelty is the “disappearance mode”. This feature will make all the content in a chat ephemeral. When a chat is activated in “disappearance mode”, the messages will not be stored on the servers and will be deleted automatically after seven days.

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The “see once” mode goes in a similar direction. The messages that are sent under this scheme they will disappear as soon as they are seen by the other person.

This means that, for example, If photographs are sent, they will disappear as soon as they are seen, without the possibility of recovering them. Many will recall that Snapchat carved out a huge niche for just such a feature shortly after its launch.

In addition, WhatsApp will have multi-device support. This longed-for novelty will allow you to have up to four sessions on different devices.


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