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A recent French study highlighted a profound correlation between prostate cancer and daily amounts of ham. Let’s get into the matter by discovering the maximum recommended doses of this food.

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Studies are multiplying exponentially that correlate cardiovascular or carcinogenic diseases to excessive consumption of red meat.

In particular, the researchers ceaselessly worry about processed meats, i.e. sausages and cured meats, in which chemicals are introduced to avoid oxidation and to give the classic red color.

Many experts in the sector in fact recommend taking these foods for a maximum of twice a week and then alternating them with fish, eggs or legumes.

A recent French study confirmed these concerns and found a profound correlation between the prostate cancer and the consumption of prosciutto.


The study on the correlation between ham and prostate cancer

The research took on a gigantic sample, well 100,000 peoplefor seven years recording their eating habits daily.

Scholars have paid more attention to frequencyat marche and to amount from cured meat, especially ham, ingested during this time.

red meat cancer tumor correlation
Various cured meats (moerschy from Pixabay)

The result was a tangible demonstration of how these foods can increase the chances of carcinogenic formations.

In fact on the entire sample taken into consideration more than 3,000 people have developed this pathology with particular sedimentation in the prostate and breast.

What is the right amount of ham to eat per week?

According to what these researchers report, they would in fact just suffice two slices of ham a day to increase the occurrence of tumors of the 58% in men regarding the prostate and del 25% for women as regards the breasts.

In fact, it is explained in the study that the nitrites and nitrates present in this food bind with proteins already present in the stomach, transforming into nitrosamines, highly harmful substances.

red meat cancer nutrition body wellness
The cutting of the food in question (Ben_Kerckx from Pixabay)

So what is the maximum recommended weekly dose for this product? Industry experts recommend not using sausages for more than twice a week.

Although their unmistakable flavor is difficult to resist and despite being a very quick dish to prepare, it is a food habit that we must start putting aside. Our body will thank us!



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