What would the candidates for lieutenant governor do with the number of legislators?

What would the candidates for lieutenant governor do with the number of legislators?

Majority consensus to modify the territorial representation in the Chamber.

Most of the candidates expressed themselves in favor of modifying the form of territorial representation of the legislators, but not the figure of 49. The Libres del Sur candidate, Florence Guerra, fought to improve the territorial representation of the entire province. He believed that true representation would be for each municipality to have legislators in the Chamber and also requested that there be gender parity (currently there are only six women).

Juan Manzur (FdT) stated that the figure and the form of territorial representation of the Parliament is established in the Constitution of the Province, therefore, to modify it, there should be a reform. “We are open to dialogue. If there is a consensus, we will discuss what is best”, he expressed.

El from the bus Gerardo Huesen He proposed following the example of La Matanza, which has a population similar to that of Tucumán but one mayor and only 17 councilors. “We have to shrink the State and lower the Chamber of legislators by half,” said the current legislator and opined that the quality of legislative work should be improved.

One possibility that he proposed German Alfaro (JxC) is to divide the eastern and western sections, which are the widest, in two; that is to say, that instead of three there are five electoral sections so that the neighbors know their represented. He requested that the accent be placed on the benefit of the people and democracy, not on the struggle for power.

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Lastly, the candidate on the left, Alejandra Arreguez, considered that the problem of representation goes beyond the electoral sections. In this sense, he opined that electing a parliamentarian by district does not guarantee that the voice of the workers will reach the Chamber. “You have to stop discussing how to continue benefiting the powerful and carry out an emergency labor agenda,” he said.

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