How pensions will change

Pensions of working pensioners will be adjusted from August 1. Since pensions for working pensioners (there are more than 14 million of them in Russia) have not been fully indexed since 2016, they will be recalculated insurance pensions, taking into account seniority and income. The increase will be limited to three retirement points and will amount to a maximum of 279 rubles.

Another innovation is an increase in the funded pension by 9.13%. As reported in the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, the increase coefficient was determined based on the results of investing pension savings in 2019: it was three times higher than inflation. In addition, a 7.99% recalculation will automatically take place for participants in the pension savings co-financing program. The generated funds are paid to them not from a funded pension, but in the form of an urgent pension payment.

Chief Analyst of TeleTrade Petr Pushkarev: “The authorities believe that it is“ unnecessary ”for working pensioners to index payments, because they provide for themselves. But older people continue to work not only for the benefit of their pockets, but also contributing to the country’s GDP. Employers continue to make contributions from their salaries to the Pension Fund, which is by no means ready to turn its face to working pensioners. “

Gas prices will increase

From August 1, gas will have to pay 3% more. The increase will affect ordinary citizens and enterprises using “blue fuel”. Initially, it was planned to raise gas prices to the level of inflation in June, but due to the pandemic, the Antimonopoly Service proposed to postpone indexation.

Peter Pushkarev: “The rise in gas prices is due solely to the greed of gas companies and the budget. World prices for both liquefied and pipeline gas have collapsed due to the crisis, which means that our gas workers are suffering losses on the export of “blue fuel”. Now they want to cover losses at the expense of consumers in the domestic market. Three percent is not much, but even several hundred rubles from each family’s wallet per year after quarantine will be needed. Millions of people lost their income, lost their jobs, and payments for housing and communal services for them were not only not canceled, but increased. “

Borders will open slightly

Since August, flights with the UK, Turkey and Tanzania will definitely resume. According to the authorities, the choice fell on these countries because they are popular with Russians and have declared their readiness to receive Russian tourists. From the first day from the Russian Federation you can fly to Istanbul and Ankara. Flights to the resorts of Antalya and the Aegean coast of Turkey will open from August 10. Coronavirus test results are not required for this country, and there is no need to sit in quarantine. It is more difficult with Great Britain – from August 1, you can fly there, but you will have to spend 14 days in self-isolation. Flights to the island of Zanzibar in Tanzania open from the beginning of August, no information is needed.

Executive Director of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia Maya Lomidze: “Compared to last year, prices for tours to Antalya or Alanya are growing. If the demand remains high, a further increase in prices for holidays in Turkey is possible. At the same time, we do not yet see a slowdown in sales to Russian resorts. Those who paid for tours there do not refuse them. Those who hesitated between Gelendzhik or Anapa will now choose Turkey. “

They will build according to new GOSTs

A new list of standards and rules for construction comes into force. The main innovation is that redundant norms have been removed from the list and, in general, the regulations for construction and design work have been simplified.

Alexey Krichevsky, real estate market expert at the Academy of Finance and Investment Management: “The abolition of surplus building standards will not affect the quality of construction, since only those regulations that duplicated each other become recommendatory from August 1. In fact, the size of the bureaucratic barrier has been reduced for developers: this can affect the speed of construction, but not much. “

Far Eastern Hectare will be expanded

From August a hectare of land will be available in Buryatia and Transbaikalia. The plots will be available to all Russians, as well as participants in the state program to assist the voluntary resettlement of compatriots living abroad and their families to the Russian Federation. Prior to that, land could be obtained in the Amur, Magadan and Sakhalin regions, the Khabarovsk, Kamchatka and Primorsky regions, the Chukotka and Jewish Autonomous Districts, Yakutia.

Alexey Krichevsky:

“So far, the Far Eastern Hectare program is not as successful as the authorities would like. Instead of 30 million people, who, according to the drafters of the project, were supposed to move beyond the Ural ridge, about 80 thousand took advantage of this opportunity. Outside the zones where the land is located next to large settlements, it is not easy to develop an economy or business. There is no water, electricity, or other amenities, and the cost of building them can discourage any desire to build something there. Yes, getting land is real. But then people have to spin on their own, since they do not receive any promised subsidies, benefits, grants. Therefore, the demand for this program will remain small. It is quite possible that the “immigrants” will be more interested in lands in the north-west of the country – in the Leningrad, Kostroma and Vologda regions, where a similar program is being implemented.

Anonymous users will be banned from replenishing wallets

From August 3, electronic wallets and unnamed payment cards will not be able to top up anonymously. The innovation also applies to non-personalized transport cards “Troika” and “Strelka”. In order to transfer money to an electronic account, you will need to go through mandatory identification or perform an operation using a bank account. The authorities need a ban to counter the financing of terrorism.

Pavel Utkin, leading lawyer of the Parfenon Joint Legal Center: “Identification by law is the establishment of individuals’ full names, citizenship, date of birth, details of an identity document, migration card data or a document confirming the right of a foreign citizen to stay in the Russian Federation, address of registration and residence, TIN. In relation to legal entities – name, organizational and legal form, TIN or code of a foreign organization, OGRN and registration address. That is, if an electronic wallet or non-personalized payment card is not tied to your personal data, it can only be topped up from a bank account, which will contain the payer’s details. At the end of June this year, the Association of Banks “Russia” came up with a proposal to remove transport cards from the law, as this could create many problems for passengers who will no longer be able to replenish them with cash. The idea was supported by the Central Bank and Rosfinmonitoring. But so far the law has not been supplemented with amendments ”.

Those who get cut will be given salaries

From August 13, the norm comes into force according to which workers dismissed due to staff reductions or in connection with the liquidation of the company will be able to count on the average monthly earnings for the second month from the date of dismissal. This will affect employees who have worked for more than a month.

Pavel Utkin: “The essence of the amendments is that now the employer will not be able to liquidate the enterprise until it pays to all employees the benefits due to them by law. Upon liquidation of an enterprise, employees who have worked in the company for more than 1 month are entitled to severance pay in the amount of the average monthly earnings, as well as payments in the amount of average earnings if they cannot find a job within the second month after dismissal. You can apply for payment no later than 15 days after the expiration of the second and third months after the dismissal. The employer also has 15 calendar days to pay. Under the new rules, an employer can pay two monthly salaries at once at the time of dismissal. Another option is the gradual payment of the amounts even after the deadlines established by law, but in this case the employer will not be able to liquidate the company until the last ruble is paid to the last employee. “


What else will change in Russian laws from August 1

– Foreign students will be allowed to work in Russia without a special work permit.

– Before August 1, citizens must submit a declaration of income, expenses and property for the last year. It is also necessary to submit a declaration to those who sold an apartment or car (if owned for less than a certain period), received a prize, received a gift of property or rewards from individuals.

– From August 24, the OSAGO tariff corridor is expanding. The minimum cost of the policy will decrease by 10% – to 2,471 rubles, the maximum will increase by the same amount – to 5,436 rubles.