That at the opening of the world conference of developers WWDC 2021 will present new versions of the company’s operating systems, Apple did not report. Nevertheless, with a probability close to one hundred percent, the presentation of new versions of these systems will take place. 30 million developers are learning about the future of iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS. A new computer tablet chip or even chips should also be announced. One gets the impression that Apple is behind schedule: of the two years that Apple has allotted for the transition of Macs to chips of its development, one year has already passed. The rest is somehow not very appropriate at the opening of WWDC, with the exception of hardware related to software development. But Apple can do anything.

WWDC 2021

2 days left until one of the main Apple events this year

Operating systems will almost certainly present. There may not be any new chips. On June 22 last year, when announcing the transition to Apple Silicon, they talked about Apple Silicon in general terms, and the first chip was shown only in the fall. We even know the code name of these chips and guess who orchestrated this leak. Some “hardware” at the opening of WWDC 2021 may well appear.

iOS 15 и iPadOS 15 — 100%

There are surprisingly few leaks this year. One of the former Apple employees leaked information to the blogger, the disclosure of which could cause serious harm to Apple. He was caught red-handed, and the leak was prevented. Just in case, we tightened the nuts. Most of what has been published by the media in recent months is either inferences or concepts.

iOS 15

One of the concepts of iOS 15

Last year, shortly after the release of iPadOS 14, an unidentified Apple employee revealed that 2020 is simply not its year. Her year will be next.

Теперь стало известно общее кодовое наименование iOS 15 и iPadOS 15. Sky. Небо.

Each of them has its own code designation. There has not yet been anything in common since their separation. Is something interesting and grandiose being prepared in both systems? We will not guess. We’ll just make it to Monday. In the meantime, in parentheses, I will indicate the probability with which this or that update can happen at WWDC.

macOS 12 Monterey — 100 %

macPS 12

This is how the new macOS 12 is drawn.

Its numerical designation is known: macOS 12… From the fact that Apple has renewed the copyright for two trademarks, Monterey and Mammoth, the media concluded. The new version will be called Monterey. Or Mammoth (mammoth).

Monterey fully meets all the requirements for the marketing name of the macOS version. This is a city, county, and area in California. The city was founded in 1770 when California belonged to Spain. From 1775 to 1849, this city was the capital of California, first Spanish, then Mexican. In 1983, here, for the first time outside of Apple Computer, the most first Mac… Versions of macOS should be named after prominent places in California.

homeOS – operating system for Apple TV and HomePod – 80%

If Apple had not been the exclusive owner of WWDC, it could have been caught in the misuse of a developer conference in 2017. HomePod was unveiled at WWDC 2017. A device that has nothing to do with software or its development. There is no more household device and cannot be. But things are not as simple as they seem.

HomePod was supposed to be another platform for developers. With audioOS operating system (based on iOS, with audio instead of graphical), SDK for developers and an app store. It did not grow together. In 2020, audioOS has changed its foundation. It is based on tvOS, an iOS-based Apple TV system. A job related to homeOS has recently appeared on the job list. Two days later, homeOS was replaced with tvOS. HomePod and Apple TV will have a common system, but where this will lead and how it threatens us is still unknown.

Apple Glass — 0%

In March-April, due to the abundance of points in the illustrations for the future WWDC, a not very pleasant conclusion suggested itself. The main theme of WWDC and its opening will be “reality” – AR, VR, MR and some others. Tim has often hinted lately that these realities are stronger than the iPhone, iPad and Mac combined. If done correctly. Those who are aware of the situation say that this will not be… This year.

Let’s believe, although all these glasses and the page from the calendar with the date of June 7 reflected in them are alarming.

WWDC 2021

Well, isn’t it just that these glasses are here?

MacBook Pro 14 и MacBook Pro 16 — 70%

Something has been going on around the 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pros lately. Bloomberg publishes information leaked from Apple about these laptops, the powerful Mac mini and the chips in these devices. By revealing their code names and architecture. The drawings of these very MacBook Pros were stolen from Quanta’s servers and were available for download for some time.

New MacBook Pro

These MacBooks recently appeared on the website of a Chinese regulator.

According to Bloomberg, a Mac mini with a powerful chip is also in the works, but it is going to be postponed until a later date. The production of the MacBook Pro and the chips for them has already begun. The likelihood of their presentation at the WWDC opening is quite high. They can be announced this Monday, and sales begin in a month or a month and a half. And before their presentation, a new chip will be presented.

Это то, чего я больше всего хочу от события 7 июня.

What else can they show at WWDC 2021

Apple may have something else to come up with. Something completely unexpected. Inappropriate at the WWDC opening. I will not give a list of what we expect from Apple. It’s very long. Almost nothing from this list will be shown on Monday. Would love to see a 30-inch 6K iMac and a similar monitor in this iMac’s design, but alas. Hardly. What are you looking forward to the most? Tell us in the comments and in our Telegram chat.