what were the 10 that rose the most

In addition, this month, the strong rise in financial dollars stood out, the CCL rose 14.1% and the MEP 13.1%.

“Under this slightly more encouraging scenario for the stock market, we have had some Cedears that have stood out above the rest during July, either by registering a strong rebound after the falls of the first part of the year, as is the case of the cryptocurrency exchange platform, Coinbase, which ended the month with a strong rise of 51.7%“, said Damián Vlassich, Equity Analyst at IOL investonline

The Cedears that rose the most in July

Tesla (+49,6%)

U.S. Steel (+46,4%)

Free Market (+41.4%)

Petrobras (+39,6%)

Amazon (+39,5%)

Barrick Gold (+39,3%)

Advanced Microdevices (+39,2%)

Apple (+34,8%)

Nvidia (+34,7%)

Vista Oil and Gas (+28.2%)

The Board of Directors of the Central Bank decided this month to include the holding of Argentine Deposit Certificates (Cedears) in the availability limit of 100,000 dollars that companies can have accessing the official foreign exchange market.

At the same time, the monetary authority ordered include those instruments that cannot be traded in the 90 days prior to or in the 90 days following access to the official market.

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