what to eat to live long

Living a long and healthy life is possible, you just need to know how and what to eat. Here is the miraculous longevity diet you should all know.

We all want to live better and longer, we have always sought (and found) cures and methods to lengthen and improve our lives as much as possible. To date there is an ever greater food awareness about what we eat and what we shouldn’t eat. But she came to our aid science.

Balanced nutrition concept for DASH clean eating flexitarian mediterranean diet to stop hypertension and low blood pressure. Assortment of healthy food ingredients for cooking on a kitchen table.

A miraculous one longevity dietin fact, it has been scientifically proven and studied so that it can be useful to more and more different people. So what are the secrets of the elixir of life? Everything is in the food, in how and when we consume it. Let’s find out how to do it in detail.

Long life diet: how and when to eat

Important scientific studies confirm that living a healthy and long life is not only important what are we eating but also When and how. Of course, everything must be adapted to the needs of the specific person, his age, his health and his lifestyle. However, there are some general rules that can be of great help to all who are trying to live a better, healthier and happier life as a result.

In searches for Valter Longoprofessor professor of biogerontology and director of Longevity Institute of the USC (University of Southern California) of Los Angeles, there is no trace of those absurd yoyo diets and absurd food restrictions that often tempt all those people who try to lose weight and to keep fit. Instead, it has been proven how much the perfect diet includes carbohydrates unrefined, cereals e many legumes. In fact, vegetable proteins should be preferred over animal ones. In areas of the world where the first ones are not consumed, longevity is at home.

In general, cereals and refined sugars are also to be avoided, to be preferred in the versions integral. Instead, to be included in the diet dark chocolate, always in moderation. Longo’s research also explored some very popular diets such as ketogenic, or intermittent fasting. In general, before relying on diets found on the internet or alleged miraculous diets of stars and celebrities, you would do well to listen to the words of professionals in the sector and specialized doctors, or you risk doing serious damage to your health.

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