What to do with strawberries after harvest to get sweet berries next summer | NHS

If you do not have the task of propagating plants, then all mustaches must be carefully cut off – they thicken the beds with unnecessary material and take power and nutritional area from the main uterine bushes, the agronomist warns.

Do not rush to remove the leaves from the bush. It is worth removing only dry, damaged or diseased leaves that have completely become unusable.

– Very often people begin to trim the foliage – this is an absolutely useless and harmful undertaking for the plant. No need to trim the leaves! Leaf mass is very important for the future harvest. I want to remind you that the leaf itself is a factory for the synthesis of all the nutrients that are stored in the horn (the middle and base of the plant. — Note. ed.), — explained Lyudmila Shubina. – Future fruits are formed in the horn. The more tender and attentive we are to the leaves and dressings, the more nutrients are in this pantry – the storage horn.

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