What to do in the office so as not to be too still

Our body is meant to move. When we stand still the muscles hamstrings, those of the lower back and hip flexors they can stiffena condition that can negatively affect running performance and lead to injuries.

While sitting our buttocks rest all day, too. When these important muscle groups are weak or underused, their thrust and stabilizing action during running are compromised and, at the same time, the small muscles surrounding they have to do an overwork which puts them at risk of injury.

Remain seated for a long time it also slows down circulation and the processes by which we burn fatincreasing the chances of heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

Ready for some good news? The solution to all of this is quite simple: by introducing more movement into your sedentary hours, it is possible to engage forgotten muscles and offset some of the effects of sitting. There is no need to do intense physical activity, it is often enough to change position.

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