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Malena, the Apulian red light actress, muse of Rocco Siffredi, confesses in an interview with the site corrieresalentino.it. Filomena Mastromarino, this is her real name, talks about the haters on social media and what the work of a pornstar is like. “The thing I regret is that it is women who attack the most. In reality I am a bringer of happiness. During the lockdown I was the joint of all Italians”, she says, “making red light movies is a job for me, which ends when the spotlight goes out. For the rest, pornography has existed since ancient Greece. Moralism is more recent and is mainly affecting social networks, which now censor everything. We are judged by algorithms and it is difficult even to post a naked statue ”.

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On social media, continues Malena, “everyone has the opportunity to vent his frustrations judging. I dream of a world where you are not judged for what you do in bed. This also applies to homosexuality, bisexuality and the rest. In society, the person should be valid ”. He also wants to dispel a myth: “Many think that those who do this work are not intelligent. In reality they are not. pornstars are very normal women. Many mothers do this job abroad: they shoot scenes and then go to breastfeed their children. I had a different path because I entered this job at 33. I was already a woman. I have not done like the others, who want to do this job to become famous: it is not the right approach. You have to love this job, do it with passion “.

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Also because you don’t feel pleasure, Malena points out: “It can happen sometimes to find the right feeling with an actor. If you find the feeling, the duration of the scene is very linear and you are not interrupted. Normally, only for perform the part of the hard, 40 minutes, we shoot scenes for five hours and we are continually interrupted to redo them. It’s not like home movies. It is hard work. It takes a lot of patience ”. But everyone on the set treats her with a lot of respect: “The most abused are men. Man has to be in the director’s time and therefore suffers more than us. We women on the set are very respected. There are few men because it is difficult for them to do this job “. After all, he concludes,”it’s not like having sex in your house. The positions are also all three-quarters in favor of the chamber. ”

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