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Last week, Huawei presented various products as part of a long online presentation. First and foremost, of course, the “new” HarmonyOS 2.0, the operating system that will power most of the manufacturer’s products in the future. The long-awaited flagship smartphone, the Huawei P50, was only briefly revealed.

In the history of Huawei, above-average smartphone cameras have been firmly anchored in the P9 at least since the first partnership with Leica. Corresponding expectations are high to the youngest offshoot, which was at least briefly touched upon during the presentation. Some details about the camera (s) have been leaked before, but a few specific pointers can still be taken away from the performance.

Huawei P50: Leica still on board

On the one hand, the partnership with Leica has also been renewed for the Huawei P50, as can be seen from the clearly recognizable lettering on the back under the unusual look of the camera modules. Underneath it says: “Vario-Summilux-H 1: 1.8-3.4 / 18-125 ASPH”, what a aspherical telephoto lens with variable focal length speaks between 18 and 125 millimeters. A similar solution was recently introduced in Sony’s new smartphones.

Image: Huawei

Incidentally, after the cooperation between Leica and Huawei, other smartphone manufacturers have followed suit. For example, the last OnePlus smartphone appeared with Hasselblad technology, and Samsung is talking about a collaboration with Olympus.

Quad camera with variable telephoto lens

At least one of the P50 models should come with one Quad-Kamera-Setup appear, although more detailed information about the sensor equipment is unfortunately still missing. Previously there were rumors about a 1-inch sensor, but unfortunately this cannot necessarily be concluded based on the teaser images. Nevertheless, the Chinese manufacturer promises that the “Mobile photography taken to a new level” will.

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Huawei P50: Still no information about the release

During the presentation it was said that Huawei was still working on one global market launch for the P50 and prepare his sibling models. When and at what price it could finally appear remains to be seen. Competitively priced competition for smartphones like the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra is sorely needed – but whether Huawei still has a chance with HarmonyOS on the international smartphone market is questionable.

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