What the hell is going on in Palworld?

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Yesterday developer Pocketpair released a trailer for its upcoming game Palworld, Which describe yourself As an “Open World Multiplayer Survival Crafting Game” with some Pokemon-like friends. It appears that things are going well ahead of the trailer take the darkness turn or turn.

I do not want spoil your joy try everything for themselves, And therefore Make sure you check out the trailer before reading any further.

At first everything looks normal! They have some brightly colored animal companions to ride on that can help you build a house, harvest crops, and power tools. They can fight by your side, which is darker than the game seems at first, but that’s fine. But look – you can pet the dog! All the best here!

But after about 50 seconds in the one and a half minute trailer, the chill music becomes even more intense. We see a player using a sheep as a shield in a shootout. As expected, the sheep are very unhappy.

Illustration for an article titled What the hell is happening in Palworld?

Screenshot: Pocketpair via YouTube

Then we see more play Animals in battle where the player throws a bird at the enemies of the people. Then we see a bird that looks like it has caught some cute little friends, then we see the bird – a row that looks like a sad dragon Guys working on the assembly line collecting some terrifyingly realistic ones Weapons; Then those depressed monkeys turn into disgusting ones in the desert. It’s serious.

to me PalworldSteam description, this is part of the game’s “Factory and Automation” the developers explainedAutomation is necessary so that colleagues can carry out manual work. Build a factory and use friends. They will work forever as long as they are fed for the rest of their lives.“The confirmation is mine because What the hell is that.

On TwitterPlayers spend a field day learning how unexpectedly insane this trailer is. Lots of people mentioned it Palworld He looks totally miserable Animal cruelty simulator PETA claims Pokémon Is. others do Something excellent Meme. Cognitive dissonance is pretty much the same as the course in video games, and god knows Pokémon Too dark to think about too much, but PalworldTrailer on a different level.

Palworld Publication is currently planned for 2022.

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