“What the hell happened to Bloodlines 2?”


Chris Avellon talked about what he knows about the situation with Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 on your blog.

It is worth noting that the question is: “What’s up with Bloodlines 2?” the developer is asked very often. And he finally decided to answer it:

  • Chris knew many of the original RPG developers at Troika Games, their stories are typical of the industry, unfortunately. Therefore, working on the sequel was an important goal for him, which he simultaneously achieved and .. no;
  • He helped little Hardsuit Labs pitch ideas for a sequel to publisher Paradox, who owns the rights to the World of Darkness series, at DICE in Las Vegas. Subsequently, the collaboration went so far that the Paradoxes even bought out part of the studio’s shares;
  • Now he believes that this “help” on his part was selfish and, with an eye to subsequent events, even a little fucking. But so many years have passed since the release of the first part that he just wanted at least someone to take on the development of the sequel;
  • The developers didn’t even have to show 1/3 of the prepared presentation. They immediately switched to informal communication, the publisher liked everything and the contract was signed;
  • The game designer was not fired from the project last year. Since his contract was completed much earlier – in 2018;
  • He worked on Bloodlines 2 for almost 2.5 years (from 2016 to mid-2018), then the contract ended. However, they did not use anything that he wrote at the time (several main characters and side missions). This upset Chris, but even if he knew that all this work was useless, he would have continued to write;
  • What happened then, why the roster changed, and the game passed to another developer – Avellone has no assumptions.

Such is the problem with the continuation of the cult RPG about vampire life.

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