What the Always-On Display option looks like on the iPhone 14 Pro

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Rumors about the always-on display option in the 2022 Pro versions of the iPhone are replenished with new evidence. Previously, several references to the ability to enable Always-On Display have already been found in the code of iOS 16 beta versions, and now updated system wallpapers have been noticed that allow you to take advantage of the new technology for the iPhone. 9to5Mac writes about it.

What is Always-On Display

Recall that the screen with the Always-On Display option allows the system to display some information, such as time, even if the smartphone is in “sleeping” mode. At the same time, the battery is not spent as intensively as during the usual time of using the gadget.

Some Android smartphones have long boasted an always-on display option, but in the context of the iPhone, this feature is new (and welcome). Rumors have been circulating about her appearance for several years).

Apple is already using Always-On Display in its smartwatches. The option first debuted in the Apple Watch Series 5. All subsequent watch generations also had support for this feature.

iOS 16 wallpapers ready for option Always-On Display

The network has published a video in which you can see how the system wallpaper changes iOS 16 when the user turns off the iPhone screen, in the settings of which the function is activated always-on display:

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Unlike Always-On Display in Android smartphones, where the screen usually goes completely black, but the watch face and a couple of added widgets remain working on it, Always-On Display in iPhone simply dims the screen – the background image can still be seen. At the same time, all dynamic elements on the wallpaper in this “sleep” mode no longer work.

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iPhone 14: what’s new in the lineup

We have collected the most important changes that are expected in the upcoming flagship series of Apple smartphones:

  • The usual “bangs” in Pro-models will be replaced by an i-cut;
  • The main camera of the Pro models will receive a new sensor with a resolution of 48 megapixels;
  • RAM will increase to 6 GB;
  • Pro models will get the latest Apple A16 chip;
  • There will be support for satellite communications for emergency calls.

Read more details about iPhones in 2022 in the Hi-Tech review.

This is also interesting:

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