What tea can you drink every day?  What you should know |  BUNTE.de

What tea can you drink every day? What you should know | BUNTE.de

If you are wondering which tea you can drink every day, you are on the safe side with matcha, black or green tea as well as with fruit teas. With herbal teas, on the other hand, you should change regularly to be on the safe side, because if the dose is too high, they may contain carcinogenic substances.

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What tea to drink daily

fruit teas can usually be drunk daily without hesitation. These products, which are actually ‘tea-like’, are an infusion of the fruits or flowers of certain plants. Many of the vitamins contained in the fruit are lost during the manufacturing process, so the tea cannot be compared to fresh fruit.

  • Nevertheless, even high-quality fruit tea still contains vitamins and minerals. It’s also typically sugar-free unless sweetened, making it a zero-calorie, flavored drink.
  • green tea many health-promoting effects are attributed. The polyphenols it contains are said to have positive effects on the cardiovascular system and reduce the risk of cancer. Half a liter of strong green tea daily ensures more elastic blood vessels.
  • Caffeinated varieties like Black and Green Tea should be dosed according to individual tolerability. However, pregnant women should not drink more than three cups of this so as not to harm the offspring. If in doubt, you should consult your doctor beforehand.

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Green tea is one of the varieties that you can drink every day. imago images / Shotshop

Varieties you shouldn’t drink every day

Too much herbal tea of a variety can indirectly become unhealthy. Loud Federal Institute for Risk Assessment Pyrrolizidine alkaloids were found in tea samples. These are secondary plant substances to protect against herbivores. They get into the tea during the harvest through companion plants growing in the field.

  • They can possibly be carcinogenic if taken over a longer period of time or in high doses. It therefore makes sense to change the types regularly and drink herbal teas in moderation. This is especially true for pregnant women, breastfeeding women and children.
  • At medicinal teas for certain complaints, such as stomach tea or bronchial tea, the specified dosage should be observed so that they can work properly. These strains are usually only used as a regimen for a limited period of time and are discontinued once the symptoms have subsided.
  • Conclusion: Teas are usually calorie-free and can help you reach the recommended daily intake of at least one and a half liters. In addition, many varieties contain valuable ingredients. Caffeinated teas can also gently perk you up. In the case of herbal teas, you should regularly change the variety to be on the safe side because of possible pyrrolizidine alkaloids.

Five reasons to enjoy tea every day

In addition to the pure enjoyment factor, there are good reasons to Into Theta to grab.

  1. Tea is typically calorie-free—unless you add sugar, milk, or honey—so it can help you reach the recommended daily intake of at least a liter and a half without the added calories.
  2. Especially in winter, a warm cup of tea is like wellness for many people and can offer a small and cozy break from everyday life. In summer, home-brewed iced teas are refreshing and also contribute to relaxation.
  3. Teas can be an effective Home remedies for minor ailments be. There are medicinal teas for all sorts of health conditions, but the regular varieties can also have soothing effects. For example, chamomile tea has a calming effect and relieves stomach irritation.
  4. Fruit teas often taste sweet. They can therefore help to reduce cravings for sweets in a healthy way. It’s worth a try before you reach for that candy bar.
  5. With caffeinated teas such as matcha, green or black tea, you can wake up more slowly and for longer than with coffee, because caffeine is bound to tannic acids and is therefore released later.

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