What should be the diet of the elderly?

What should be the diet of the elderly?


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Food is a basic need that must be supplied for survival and can be decisive for health and quality of life; It is not for nothing that the saying goes that “you are what you eat”. In principle, human beings supplied us with the wide spectrum of products offered by the land and livestock, but with industrialization, the alternatives have expanded. Sometimes this represents a considerable improvement, as is the case of those items designed for the consumption of populations at risk or with health conditions that limit their options, as is the case of celiac patients, who cannot consume gluten.

Now, within the framework of a global economy, it is difficult to detect countries that only consume what they themselves produce. The markets have expanded to facilitate a varied offer and favor commercial connections; Capitalism and the competitiveness of prices have caused our forms of consumption to mutate and this is seen in our food and care. Today we tell you how the diet of the elderly should be to take care of their health and how to support you in a spd pharmacy.

Health What impact does a good or bad diet have?

The human body gets everything it needs to function properly through food; In a way, we are like cars or machines and our fuel is the macronutrients we eat with the main meals of the day. We obtain essential vitamins and minerals from it so that each tissue and system of our body functions perfectly.

The digestive system with its enzymes absorbs nutrients from food and these pass into the circulatory system to be stored or used in different parts of the body. When choosing food, the nutritional value of each one influences too much. A fruit or vegetable provides more nutrients than many processed package foods, therefore, a good diet in a person directly influences their health. If the choice is to eat food with low nutritional value and ultra-processed, the body will not have enough nutrients to work properly, which triggers diseases in the future. A good diet, in addition to providing you with a good state of health and strengthening the immune system, allows a longer and more pleasant life.

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Health How should an older adult eat?

As time goes by, the human body changes little by little. The organs that at first functioned excellently due to youth, with the passing of the years begin to carry out their work with a little more difficulty, because time does not pass in vain. The oxidative stress of cells and other natural factors of deterioration take their toll on the body, hence the importance of older adults enjoying better care of their bodies and that implies eating in the best way.

When planning the diet of an older adult, it must be taken into account that it must be: Individualized according to their nutritional needs and underlying pathology (in case there is a diagnosis), balanced in nutrients, varied and easy to chew and digest. . There are foods that can be recommended for all people, such as natural juices, fruits and vegetables. But, each person is unique and, therefore, it is advisable to ask for advice.

Health IMA with you

We have established that when we reach a certain age, the way our body metabolizes food changes. Some foods can fall beautifully into our body to provide us with the energy we need, and others simply make us sick. Allergies or ailments such as irritable bowel syndrome are complemented by adequate and personalized nutrition, but they can and are treated with medication.

If you are caring for an elderly person who has a list of multimedia, we recommend you access the IMA Contigo services. It is a company dedicated to taking care of the correct medication of the elderly and polymedicated people. They always bring your medication ready to the door of your home and best of all, you will not have to pay an added value for this service, you will only have to pay the price of the medications. Managing the service is very easy by visiting their website and registering.

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