What Russia said about the rumors that Vladimir Putin has little time to live

The Russian government today denied that its president, Vladimir Putinhave health problems or suffer from an illness, after a report by the British newspaper Daily Mail, He pointed out that he had three years to live. This is a report revealed by an undercover agent of the Russian Intelligence Service (FSB, for its acronym in Russian), which indicates that Putin’s diagnosis is a “severe form of cancer that progresses rapidly”. The spy explained that the leader of Moscow has “no more than two or three years of life” and that he is also losing his sight.

In that sense, from the Kremlin they came out to respond to the assertions. “Putin he appears in public every day, they can see him on the screens, read and listen to his speeches”, affirmed the foreign minister, Sergei Lavrovto the French television TF1.

Sergei Lavrov and Vladimir Putin.

“I don’t think sane people can see signs of any kind of sickness or disease in the president”added the minister, according to the Russian news agency Sputnik.




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