What real drama is the TV movie with Barbara Schulz and Arié Elmaleh inspired by?

France 2 is broadcasting a new TV movie this Wednesday, High seas drama, where Barbara Schulz and Arié Elmaleh give the answer in particular to Virginie Hocq. In this unit dedicated to all the sailors who disappeared at sea, the sinking of a trawler named Marie-Morgane causes the death of all its crew, including its captain Lenormand and his son. But the circumstances of this tragedy are unknown. What could possibly have caused this fishing boat to sink in just a few seconds? Nolwenn Lenormand, who survived, has a lead and decides to investigate so that the case is not closed …

As revealed by Barbara Schulz in her interview with TV 7 Days, the scenario was inspired by a news item dating back more than fifteen years. “We shot in Lorient, and we were surrounded by people close to the sea, in particular members of the National Society for Rescue at Sea (SNSM) or associations that campaign to know the truth about the sinking of the Bugaled Breizh“, explained the actress. The Bigaled Breizh was a trawler from the town of Loctudy in Finistère, which sank in January 2004, causing the death of the five sailors on board. Many theories and controversies surrounded this mysterious accident, whose murky context amplified the pain of the families of the victims. “We met a lot of people directly affected by the subject of the film. It was important to be loyal to them and to respect the sailors who never returned home.Barbara Schulz added.

Find the TV movie High seas drama at 9:10 p.m. on France 2 this Wednesday January 12.

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